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What is the average cost of a remodel?

The short answer is it varies by project, location and complexity of design. We have articles that you can access on our blog to give you a better understanding of costs, the process and other details you will need to know to plan your remodel.

How do I begin planning for a remodel?

You are in the right place to start! Check out our blog for more information and/or purchase our Remodel Design Planner to help you plan and organize your remodel.

How do I hire a contractor?

Hiring a reputable contractor is one of the more difficult aspects of remodeling. Do your research, check out our blog and purchase our Remodel Design Planner for more information. Any contractor will be a partner in your project for many months, be in your home and in constant contact with you (or they should). Skills are very important, but even more important is their integrity and ability to communicate clearly and effectively. If they can’t do that in the beginning – let that be your red flag. Highly professional contractors cost more and are one of best investments you will make in your project.

How much does an upscale small bathroom remodel cost?

An upscale 8.5’x5′ bathroom with a walk-in curbless shower and custom vanity in Seattle 2022:

Site Management: $2360
Demo and Dump Fees: $2550
Framing: $1425
Plumbing Labor and Materials: $5600
Electrical Labor and Materials: $1300
HVAC Labor and Materials: $750
Drywall Labor and Materials: $1600
Finish Carpentry/Custom Cabinetry: $2475
Countertops: $1850
Tile Labor/Materials @$/sf (floors/walk-in shower): $15,800
Painting Labor and Materials: $2,400
Bath Accessories/Install: $1000
Shower Doors: $2750

Plus Tax: @10%

Total: ~$45,000

What is the most important element to have first for your remodel?

A floor plan!  We partner with Canvas to digitize and bring your space to life.  Dimensions are critical in estimating and space planning or design. Having room sizes is one aspect, but we need to know all details, cabinet depths and heights, door and window sizes, ceiling heights and more. This critical information after digitizing gets loaded into our CAD program to create the as-built plan (existing floor plan) and will be used to create a new design plan. Contractors need this information to begin quoting your projects.

At what point does my home NEED to be remodeled?

Aesthetics is only one aspect of a successful remodel. Having a fully functional new space is dependent on the age of the home.  Anytime we are evaluating a home at 10+ years old, we have to have the conversation about upgrading elements that have exceeded their functional life. You can ignore those things and cover them up, but they will rear their ugly heads when they break, and you may end up ripping out all the beautiful work you just did. Doing it right the first time is the best investment you can make.

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